Some have trouble trying to use a Jacksonville stimulus payment card

As of Thursday, the city of Jacksonville announced it had spent $ 5 million in stimulus funds to families.

The $ 1,000 payment is intended to help people pay for rent, utilities, or groceries. But don’t be surprised if you try to use the payment card somewhere and it is not accepted.

Due to the pandemic, Mary Hunter was released for the first time in her life. Hunter qualified for the city’s stimulus payment, but was quite surprised when she took advantage of it.

“When I was paying my mortgage, the bank that is servicing my mortgage told me they couldn’t accept credit cards or federal money on a credit card,” Hunter said.

Hunter’s mortgage is through PNC Bank.

Mckenzie Morris also lost his job due to the pandemic. He said he got the same response from his bank – Community First Credit Union – when he tried to pay off his mortgage.

“So my mom and I sat and left. How do we use the card the city wanted to pay the mortgage with to pay the mortgage?” Said Morris.


Community First told News4Jax that it is working directly with Morris to pay its mortgage and is looking for a solution that will allow members to use the payments to pay their bills.

News4Jax asked the city what people should do if a bank refuses to accept the money. One answer from a city spokesman is:

“We encourage landlords to make exceptions and accept these forms of payment if they can. If this is not possible, we recommend the recipient use the money / card for other purposes such as utility bills, gasoline, phone, or even groceries. “

Both Hunter and Morris wish they knew that certain banks would not accept payments in advance, and hope to warn others.

But at times like these, Hunter said any help was welcome.

“Any little help I can get, or if I can keep my home, or if I don’t have to work two jobs, or because I can’t find a job. I’m grateful for everything right now, “said Hunter.

PNC Bank released a statement on Friday:


PNC is aware of the impact this pandemic is having on our customers and we remain ready to support them as they face financial difficulties as a result. We will work directly with the customer who came to you on this matter.

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