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Swisher International Inc. changes its corporate identity to Swisher, signaling “the expansion of the company’s vision, offering and focus on the adult lifestyle”.

Swisher began manufacturing tobacco products in 1861 and has been based in Jacksonville since 1924. The factory is located at 459 E. 16th St. near Springfield.

Swisher President John Miller.

President John Miller said in an August 31 press release that changing the company’s corporate identity was not the goal when it embarked on a research project in 2017.

The aim is “to gain a deep understanding of our company, our products, our customers and our adult consumers,” he said.

Brands include Swisher Sweets Cigar Company, Fat Lip Brands, Drew Estate, Hempire, and Rogue Holdings.

The company asked its customers, trading partners and employees about the brand and where the company should go in the future.

The new Swisher logo.

The old Swisher International Inc. logo.

“One of the most important realizations was that the company was known more by our individual brands (e.g. Swisher Sweets or King Edward) than by our corporate identity,” said Miller.

“We knew we had great brands, but to continue offering leading lifestyle products in multiple categories, our company had to be well known and something other than a single brand.”

Miller said the change in corporate identity was not the goal of the project but came naturally as he and Swisher executives planned the future of the company.

“Our new Corporate ID embodies the incredibly rich history of Swisher, but also represents the future,” Miller said in the press release. “Leveraging the data from our key constituents and setting a strategic vision will drive change.”

Swisher did not provide the data collected from his research. Miller said the company now has a better understanding of what its consumers want and “can expand into other lifestyle product categories.”

Miller did not specify the new areas of expansion.

The Swisher Vision Statement.

He said the company has three main areas of focus: its core tobacco offerings, neighboring brands that offer hemp and nicotine, and innovations that develop other lifestyle products.

“As the largest cigar company in the US, we will also have our core tobacco products,” he said. “It is and will remain part of the company.”

Swisher wouldn’t disclose how much of each product it sells. Miller said that cigar sales tend to “drive our business”.

“We hope that over time this will provide a broader, more diversified portfolio represented by products in both our legacy businesses and high-growth emerging categories,” said Miller.

Swisher declined to disclose its annual sales figures.

Over the past two decades, tobacco use has declined among younger and older populations. According to the American Lung Association, tobacco use between the ages of 18 and 25 declined 43% between 2002 and 2018. For those over 26 years of age, use fell by 23.7%.

From 2002 to 18, cigar consumption among 18 to 25 year olds decreased by 22.8%. For those over 26 years of age, it fell by 10.1%.

The use of electronic cigarettes by adults is also decreasing. Current e-cigarette users fell 12% between 2014 and 18, according to the American Lung Association.

Miller said that while some tobacco categories are declining, this is mainly caused by the decline in cigarette consumption. Swisher does not sell cigarettes.

The Swisher Sweet and Drew Estate cigars are performing well, he said.

“The relationship our brands have with our adult consumers is very important,” said Miller. “Swisher and Drew Estate know how to build brands and understand consumer expectations. These concepts are the driving force behind the expansion into other lifestyle products and categories. “

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