The 13 must-see restaurants in Jacksonville, 2020

Mussels, fries, and fried fish from Megan duBois’ Orsay Restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida

Everyone in Jacksonville has their favorite places to have a meal – the place they rave about friends and family members who visit, and the one they always mention on their group chat. Here are 13 must-try restaurants in Jacksonville, from diner-style breakfasts to beachfront tacos to Italian food or Korean barbecue.

Editor’s note: A number of restaurants in South Florida have resumed indoor and outdoor dining. However, this should not be taken as confirmation of eating on site as safety concerns remain: For the most current information on coronavirus cases in your area, please visit the Florida Health Department website. Studies show that there is less risk of exposure outdoors, but the risk associated with terrace dining depends on restaurants that follow strict social distancing and other safety guidelines.

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Note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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