The affiliated group has granted design approval for $ 99 million Southbank apartments to Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

The Downtown Development Review Board gave final approval for designs of the Related Group’s $ 99.16 million shared flat on May 13, and granted preliminary approval for the project’s restaurant on Downtown Jacksonville Southbank.

The board voted 6-0 to approve the eight-story, 327-unit apartment building project to replace River City Brewing Co. at 835 Museum Circle.

In a separate 6-0 vote, the board gave conceptual approval to the nearly 5,000 square meter restaurant in front of St. Johns River Park and the Friendship Fountain.

This was MSA Architects’ second redesign of the apartments at RD River City Brewery, driven by the board of directors and DIA staff, that did not fit “contextually” along the St. Johns River in January.

Miami-based Related plans to purchase Maritime Concepts’ stake in the city-owned property and purchase the remaining 77 years of the company’s long-term lease.

Once this deal is completed, the city plans to transfer the property to its affiliate, RD River City Brewery LLC, as part of a proposed $ 18.27 million incentive package before the city council.

An artist’s rendering of the restaurant planned on the grounds of the RD River City Brewery Apartments.

The project also includes a multi-storey car park with 511 parking spaces, a ship’s shop and a city-funded restoration of a marina with 29 berths and a boat ramp on site.

Board members thanked the development team for preparing their suggestions.

Board member Craig Davisson said on May 13 that he stood by his March comments that apartment design was “common and redundant” in contemporary architecture, but added that it had “come a long way”.

“I appreciate that,” said Davisson.

“I hope that as you take this project from concept to development, you can go a step further and use this as an opportunity to really refine this building into something that is sophisticated on our waterfront and that we are all proud of can.”

Restaurant a “little gem”

Although the construction of the restaurant was a condition of the incentive agreement passed by the Board of Directors of the Downtown Investment Authority, MSA partner Beatriz Hernandez described the indoor and outdoor restaurant as the “little gem inside” the RD River City on May 13th Terrain.

The images published in the DDRB Employee Report show a restaurant with 3,200 square feet of outdoor dining, 914 square feet of indoor dining, and 883 square feet of kitchen and storage. That’s 4,997 square feet in total.

The deal with the city requires a 5,000-square-foot restaurant to replace the existing River City Brewing Co. and promote downtown riverside dining.

The final approval of the DDRB depends on the guarantee from Related that the structure of the restaurant shell can be expanded if the client receives the certificate of use of the apartment from the city.

Guy Parola, DIA Operations Manager, recommended the Board Mirror language in the project’s development agreement, which has the same requirements.

The project also includes a multi-storey car park with 511 parking spaces, a ship’s shop and a city-funded restoration of a marina with 29 berths and a boat ramp on site.

Board members asked staff to give the developer flexibility to allow at least part of the restaurant’s pedestrian entrance to pass through the park.

Law firm Driver, McAfee, Hawthorne & Diebenow partner Cyndy Trimmer, which represents Related in Jacksonville, said the developer had an oral agreement with the city’s parks, recreation and community service department to use the park.

The employees of DIA still wanted the condition that the entrance and exit of the restaurant be on the property of the restaurant.

The board pushed for compromises.

“Due to the natural and geometric location of this location, it seems very difficult to get an entrance to your restaurant that is open, inviting and has everything you need to be successful without walking through the park,” said chairman Trevor Lee.

Before the restaurant design was approved, the board asked Related to ensure that the materials and color schemes shown in the building heights look consistent and show details in the loading and trash areas of the restaurant to ensure they are properly shielded from the apartment building’s point of view.

If approved by the council, the Related Group will receive a $ 500,000 grant to build the restaurant as part of an incentive package for the city.

Board members Joseph Loretta, Christian Harden and Frederick Jones were absent on May 13th.

The apartment is located in downtown Southbank next to Friendship Park.

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