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Cronk Duch Architecture received conceptual approval from the Downtown Development Review Board on August 20 for a mixed-use development called The Hub Brooklyn, which is planned on southwest Riverside Avenue and Forest Street.

The board approved draft 6-0. Board member Frederick Jones was absent. Board member Joe Loretta introduced the project so he did not vote.

“I think this is an example of a fantastic project,” said DDRB board member J. Brent Allen. “You have a very unique package that I think has been a thorn in the side for some time when you go downtown.”

Allen called it “a very, very unusual idea that takes advantage of the package that has really been abandoned over the years. I’m excited to see it come to life with a great project. “

The board was concerned that there might be problems loading and unloading trucks on Riverside Avenue in front of the property. Architect Joe Cronk said the cul-de-sac on May Street at the back of the building could be used for this purpose.

The application shows that The Hub Brooklyn could include two buildings for grocery vendors, outdoor seating, and a two-roof design studio for special events.

The Brooklyn Hub is across from the 220 Riverside Apartment Community and the future headquarters of Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

The plans provide space for 201 seats. 163 of them are inside or covered.

In order to continue, the project requires final approval from the DDRB.

The plans did not identify tenants from grocery vendors, but did indicate that it could be a coffee shop and street taco shop.

“The HUB is a quaint meeting place made up of open courtyards and covered terraces,” says a description of the project. “It’s a place to meet friends for coffee and artisanal dishes, a retreat from the office routine, a place to freshen up after a walk on the Emerald Trail, maybe cocktails and al fresco before the night’s big event.”

The area is 0.21 hectares. The building will have two floors and be around 11,000 square meters. The property is owned by Superior Construction Company Southeast LLC.

Several board members noted that the Park Street Road Diet project, which was also approved by the board, would flow well into development. It would be within walking distance of nearby housing developments linked by the widened sidewalks of the Street Diet.

The Brooklyn Hub would be across Forest Street from the 220 Riverside Apartment Complex and Vista Apartments, which are under construction. The location is adjacent to the Forest Street parking garage and across Riverside Avenue from the future headquarters of Fidelity National Information Services Inc.

The Park Street Road Diet project will redesign the pavement between Forest Street and Stonewall Street.

Park Street Road Diet

Civil engineering company Prosser Inc. received final approval for the Park Street Road Diet project, which will rehabilitate the pavement between Forest Street and Stonewall Street.

The board agreed to the 7-0.

The proposed improvement includes lowering the speed limit, adding bicycle and pedestrian shelters and parking spaces.

Prosser suggests reducing the lanes of traffic from four to two, adding shade trees, adding continuity to the Emerald Trail, and adding parking spaces for neighboring businesses, according to the DDRB proposal.

The plan would remove the traffic lights on Park Street between Pierce and Stonewall Streets.

“The redesign of Park Street prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists over cars by focusing on reduced lanes, traffic calming, improved landscaping, prioritization of cyclists and pedestrians and the designation of pedestrian crossings,” the application says.

The Downtown Investment Authority commissioned a study that identified this part of Park Street as an area where improvements could “initiate a dynamic revitalization process.”

Prosser works with the DIA and the city on the development of the street concept.

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