The Cajun Festival begins in downtown Jacksonville

The festival had 10 providers and three different pieces of music.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The Cajun Festival brought many people out of their homes as well as out of the state.

Most of the visitors were so glad that things were going in the right direction in the pandemic.

“Oh my god, it’s so different from last year that there’s a festival, which of course isn’t what happened last year. Everyone was at home, of course, “said Liz Mccoy, General Manager of Friends of James Weldon Johnson Park.

Friends of James Weldon Johnson Park hosted the event.

According to McCoy, the festival had 10 providers and three different pieces of music.

“We just want to activate the park with fun activities and get people out. It’s a beautiful day and we have shade, “said Mccoy.

Tonya Stafford is from Atlanta and when she and her husband heard about this event, she said she couldn’t miss it.

“This time with the pandemic that doesn’t really have a chance to get out as things are better. We are fully vaccinated and have decided to come here for the weekend, “said Stafford.

A couple of things Stafford looked forward to at the Cajun festival were food and music.

“The food. I love Cajun food and good music. So when we were looking for something to do in Jacksonville, we saw that this festival was here. We were like wow, we can get the best of both worlds” said Stafford.

Jag Kettles, operated by two veterans, were one of the event’s favorite grocery vendors and had a full Cajun menu of everything you could think of.

“Blue crabs, blue prawns, and then of course we have king crab lobster tail,” said co-owner Jacob Garza.

Owners Jacob Garza and Jatara Scott say their business has been in business for three years and that even during the pandemic we are still on the move.

“We hit the bottom with the pandemic because we believe the floodgates have opened,” Garza said.

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