The former Jacksonville City Council member files a brief, challenging conviction

ATLANTA – an incarcerated former Jacksonville city council member – says she was wrongly convicted.

Katrina Brown has filed filings in the US 11th Court of Appeals in Atlanta, arguing that her conviction should be overturned.

The legal brief lists five arguments that question her convictions, including the fact that she should not have represented herself during the final arguments without her attorney present. The letter also states that Brown should be tried separately from her co-defendant, former Alderman Reginald Brown.

The two are not related, but are romantically involved.

They were jointly convicted in 2019 of 70 fraud and money laundering cases under a program that included government loans and grants for personal gain.

The money was to be used to create 56 jobs in the northwest of the city through Katrina Brown’s family barbecue sauce business.

Jobs were never created.

Brown was sentenced to 33 months in prison, serving since January.

Federal prosecutors have not yet submitted a response.

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