The Group Tree mission is claimed to have been destroyed in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – The community tree in the front yard of the Yellow House Art Gallery was destroyed Wednesday night, according to a Facebook post by Hope McMath, director of the Yellow House.

Community members use the tree as a base from which to write messages of hope, sorrow, and love. The messages are written on tapes and then tied to branches.

“A rough morning at the Yellow House,” wrote McMath on Facebook. “Drove to a devastated room on the outside of our building. Community tree ribbons were torn off, trash cans of debris were thrown all over the front stairs and yard, glasses were broken and thrown in the street, signs pulled up, patio furniture that was had thrown on the street, the mailbox torn down and a police report hidden in my door. “

McMath says she swept all the glass off the street and hopes to hang up any stripped tapes.

“In 3 years nobody has damaged our sacred space,” she says. “I think I should be surprised that it has never happened before. And I know that these weren’t our neighbors because they make it clear every day that this is their Yellow House.”

The living oak is estimated to be at least 175 years old.

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