The Jacksonville Food Bank prepares to send aid for Hurricane Michael

Farm Share, a local nonprofit food bank in downtown Jacksonville, is preparing to provide relief to those in need.

On Monday, volunteers began preparing and sorting pallets of water, non-perishable items and fresh produce around the clock. Items all sent to those who live in the Panhandle and Big Bend area of ā€‹ā€‹the state.

“We want to be prepared, we know it’s going to happen somewhere in the state of Florida, and we’re a major food bank in the state of Florida, so we really want to help them. We’re a disaster relief food bank,” Gerald Sweatt told First Coast News. Sweatt is the facility director.

Farm Share has four locations in the sunny state of Quincy, Jacksonville, Pompano Beach and Homestead.

After Hurricane Irma, the organization distributed more than 2 million pounds of food and fresh produce across the state. In addition to food, clothing, blankets, mattresses and toiletries were also distributed.

For more information about donating supplies, visit the website at

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