The Jacksonville group helps make Christmas brighter for kids

CLAY COUNTY, Florida – Christmas is only a week away and a group of volunteers are working to make this vacation even better for dozen of needy families on the First Coast and they could use your help.

“We are people on a mission, as we call ourselves,” said Noelle Marx.

Marx is a co-founder of the Human Collective Foundation, which was founded in October.

“I realized that I was surrounded by an amazing group of people, an amazing group of people who just wanted to do better. We didn’t have a specific cause in mind. I thought how great it would be to bring everyone together and meet the need, ”said Marx.

As an alum from Orange Park High, she reached out to the Headmaster and Fleming Island High, where her daughters inquired if they knew about families in need. They did.

“There are over 35 homeless children in Orange Park High School and 13 in Fleming,” Marx learned. “It is unacceptable that a child does not have a hoodie, no shampoo or conditioner and is sitting next to my children in a classroom or going to our alma mater. So we have adopted them all and are filling the need. “

Your organization now helps more than 60 families, including one with three children who had no beds.

“They slept on blankets on the floor of their apartment that they just received. They had lived in a hotel room for over two years, ”explained Marx. “You haven’t celebrated Christmas in a long time. I gave her a tree and a poinsettia and some decorations. She has already sent me pictures. We got beds delivered, mattresses. “

Donations from the community have been received and more are needed. It is an effort that, according to Marx, should continue throughout the year.

“We’ll take everything, everything. We accept donations of household goods. We organize a collection. We will plan a levy for them, ”said Marx. “If you don’t want to sell it, we’ll use it carefully.”

If You Want To Help Families In Need The Human Collective Foundation is raising funds for Christmas through Monday, December 21, including toiletries and gently used clothing. Please visit the Human Collective Foundation’s Facebook page for a list of details. They also welcome donations throughout the year. You can set a pick-up or drop-off time via email
[email protected]

“The outpouring of love and donations and the willingness to help strangers was wonderful,” said Marx.

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