The Jacksonville Historic Society publishes an annual listing of buildings in danger

The list includes the Doro Fixture building slated for demolition

In honor of National Historic Preservation Month, the Jacksonville Historical Society has released its annual list of the most endangered buildings in Jacksonville.

ā€œHistoric sites and properties matter to the people of Jacksonville. When historic buildings – like the No. 5 Fire Station and soon the George Doro Fixture Company – are demolished, we erase another piece of the culture, history and life stories that make up our Jacksonville, ā€said Alan Bliss, Jacksonville Historical Society executive director .

ā€œHistorical places give their surroundings authenticity and make us all invest more as citizens. In addition, data shows that historical preservation creates value by strengthening economic development. In recognition of this, the Jacksonville Historical Society is committed to conservation through its annual List of Endangered Historic Lands. “

Bliss added that the news that Rise Properties LLC has no plans to include the existing Doro Fixture building in its plan for a mixed-use retail and apartment complex surprised the Society’s Historic Sites Committee. “Unfortunately, the property is not part of the Downtown Historic Register District or a designated landmark,” said Bliss. “The company’s office is only a few blocks from the Doro Fixture building. We are sad to learn that it will no longer be part of downtown for years to come.”

Members of the 2020 Committee on Historic Places include David Chauncey, Esq., Committee Chair; Michael Fackler, Esq., Immediately behind the CEO; Wayne Wood, historians in general; Ed Booth and Harry Reagan, both former JHS presidents; Brian Bush, vice president of the Tom Bush Family of Dealerships; and Amy Palmer, director of grant administration for the Greater Jacksonville Council of Culture.

For health and life safety reasons, the list of endangered historic properties for 2020 selected by the Society’s Committee on Historic Places will be shared via video. The video is available from you or visit to view this important list of two dozen structures and locations.

For more information on this matter or to inquire about interviewing a member of the Historic Places Committee, call (904) 665-0064 or email [email protected]

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