The Jacksonville native Rennia Davis goes to the WNBA

One of the top First Coast athletes in the past decade is on his way to the next level.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Our 2017 Athlete of the Year said in part that since taking up basketball at the age of 10, she knew she had dreams bigger than anyone could imagine.

And a big part of those dreams involved playing professional basketball.

She went on that she had worked hard and it was time for her to make that dream come true and that she had decided to step into WNBA DRAFT.

Rennia averaged 17 points and just over 8 rebounds per game for the Tennessee Lady Volunteers.

#Null off! love you all

– Rennia Davis. (@Legend_Hooper) April 1, 2021

Rennia is expected to be selected in the top 5 of the April 15 WNBA draft.

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