The Jaguars Foundation, Kahn family, donates $ 1 million to the Jacksonville East Side

Jacksonville, Florida – Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan personally donated $ 1 million to work with LIFTJAX and the Historic Eastside Community Development Corporation (HECDC) through the Jacksonville Foundation.

This donation is intended to support the general revitalization of the East Side area, also known as the Out East. We continue to work with members of the Jaguars Organization to support culturally rich and important districts less than a mile from the TIAA team home. According to the publication, Bankfield.

“I love what LIFT JAX is, so it is my privilege to make this donation and help create a course that I hope will have immediate and lasting effects,” said Khan. It was. “But that’s not a check. We all promise continuous and uninterrupted time and resources to empower our neighbors and break the cycle of poverty. Is tedious and accountable. The Jaguar Foundation is ready to play that role. “


Joint partnerships are designed to address five key common priorities.

  • Food Insecurity – Provides year-round access to healthy eating and nutrition education, and creates a permanent neighborhood market.

  • Parks, Playgrounds, and Green Spaces – Rethink outdoor spaces to promote healthy lifestyles and improve the health of communities of all ages.

  • Local Culture and Business – Celebrate the rich history and culture of the historic East Side by supporting local businesses and events like quarterly melanin markets and other square-making activities.

  • National Register of Historic Places – Supports applications for the Historic East Side District to be submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office for designation as a National Register of Historic Places.

  • Organizational and Community Support – Building capacity for LIFT JAX and HECDC to ensure operational support continues to have a positive impact on the OutEast community.

“As a nonprofit based on the belief that community partnerships help solve society’s complex challenges, LIFT JAX is grateful for Jaguar’s investment in the Khan family and the East Side of Jacksonville.” I am. David Garfankel, President of LIFT JAX. Jaguar donations are a pillar of LIFTJAX’s Purpose Built Communities model, which takes a holistic approach to empowering neighborhoods through high quality mixed income housing, cradle-to-career education, community health and long-term financial vitality . Helps in further development. Residents are working with us to work with Jaguar, the Historic East Side Community Development Corporation and Community Leaders to create a more vibrant and affluent area for everyone on the East Side. We look forward to implementing our common priorities. “


“The historic Eastside CDC and the Eastside Community look forward to starting a long-term partnership with Jaguar to protect and protect our community,” said Pickett. Says.

Located north of Jaguar’s home in TIAA Bankfield, the East Side community known to locals as “Out East” for generations is Jacksonville’s premier historic African American. Widely regarded as one of the boroughs, it was once inhabited by historical figures including A. … Philip Randolph, union leader and father of the civil rights movement. Bob Hayes, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Olympic gold medalist, known as the “fastest man in the world”. And the 1958 Matthew Gilbert High School Soccer Team, the first All Black Florida Champion.

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The Jaguars Foundation, Kahn family, donates $ 1 million to the Jacksonville East Side

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