The new health conscious vegan cafe opens tomorrow in Jacksonville, FL

This week, the Vegan Cafe Jax in Jacksonville, FL will debut. The purely vegan restaurant is the result of the collaboration between Dr. Rene Pulido and Chef Matthew Bardroff. The doctor and chef duo came together through a shared belief that providing nutritious, plant-based food options is critical to improving the overall health of the community.

“The unfortunate reality is that it is not in the best interests of the pharmaceutical industry to correct or treat the underlying cause of the disease, which is 99% diet and activity related. I’m tired of pushing pills. It is time to offer treatment that is actually curative, restorative, and not associated with terrible risky complications. That’s why I partnered with Chef Mat Bardroff to open the premier delicious health conscious vegan restaurant in Jacksonville, ”said Dr. Pulido versus VegOut.

The café offers dishes inspired by the world, such as the Mediterranean rainbow quinoa (chilled quinoa salad, marinated tomatoes, almond feta, kalamata olive relish, pickled celery, red cabbage, cucumber, bell peppers, pickled cauliflower and fresh greens) and Thai Sweet & Sour Curry (jasmine rice, coconut curry Broth, confit tofu, pineapple, paprika, peanut crumble, spring onions and coriander) as well as burgers, wraps, soups and mac ‘n’ cheese. Early risers can also choose from the breakfast menu (breakfast is served until 11 a.m.), which offers classic bites like avocado toast, waffles and a tofu scrambled egg sandwich. In addition, the restaurant serves a changing selection of biscuits, cakes, pies and cupcakes.

“I’m very excited to bring you the vibrant flavors of fruits and vegetables combined with healthy grains cooked in your favorite sauces so that your taste buds can experience a unique and hearty feeling with every bite,” Chef Bardroff told VegOut .

Vegan Cafe Jax opens on Tuesday April 27th in the Emed Multispecialty Group plaza at 2624 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 3, Jacksonville, FL 32207. Follow them on Instagram (@vegancafejax) for the latest updates!

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