The New Jacksonville, FL restaurant affords VIETaco

Co3 VIETaco celebrates its grand opening in October.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – What do you get when you fuse Vietnamese food with Mexican food? A VIETaco.

Co3 VIETaco is a new fusion restaurant located in Jacksonville at 14333 Beach Blvd. Unit 101. Even with its grand opening in October, this restaurant is causing a stir in the city’s foodie scene as it indulges some traditional Vietnamese and Mexican favorites.

“The idea is to have the rice flour as a yellow taco shell with rich turmeric tortillas,” explains Co3 VIETaco in a Facebook post.

Then the taco shell is topped with beef, chicken, seafood, shrimp, calamari, pork or vegetables of your choice.

“The best of both street food in the world comes together in one,” the post adds.

This restaurant also offers crepes and quiches to gourmets.

The Co3 Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake) consists of rice flour with turmeric and coconut cream “with a few other ingredients”. Once the toppings are added, it is folded over like a crepe.

The version of a quiche or the Co3 Banh Khot (Vietnamese mini pancake) consists of the same ingredients, “but much thicker”. These are more bite-sized.

Co3 VIETaco celebrates its grand opening on October 11th at 14333 Beach Blvd. Unit 101.

There will also be a gentle opening this Sunday, August 30th. See the event details below.

At our soft opening we have a free sample from 3 to 6 p.m. Receive a free drink with every purchase of $ 25. You will also receive 1 free menu item for every $ 50 purchase. Stop by and …

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