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Increasing the gas tax from 6 cents to 12 cents would pay off for transportation projects like building the Jacksonville Skyway in more parts of the city.

Imagine jumping on the skyway at ground level and taking it to the beaches or the Brooklyn area. That’s hoping a JTA project is doing, and a neighbor who spoke to Action News Jax says it’s a game changer.

Elijah Turner rides his bike everywhere and can’t remember the last time he took the Skyway.

I asked him how long it has been since the last time he took the Skyway.

“Oh wow. Oh god, it’s been a good while, I can’t even name it. I only drive it every now and then, I don’t drive it every day now,” he replied.

The current two and a half mile stretch of the Skyway won’t get him or anyone very far.

“Mostly Riverside and back downtown and that’s it and nowhere else is it going to go!” he said.

City Council President Tommy Hazzouri says it is time to change that. “Those who have been around a long time saw it as a little train that can’t and now they are going to see it as the little train that can,” said Hazzouri.

A proposed increase in gas tax from 6 cents to 12 cents would pay $ 131,890,000 for route extensions, according to a study by the UNF.

“We’re going to Brooklyn, we’re going to downtown, we’re going to La Villa, to UF Shands Hospital, to the stadium,” said Hazzouri. “But also in other places, hopefully one day. To Mandarin, to the beaches and to the airport. “

Turner says he’s on board with it. “It would be much better for other people to get where they need to go,” he said.

The increase in gas tax would also pay off for 71 other transport projects. The council is expected to vote on it on May 12th. The gas tax increase would require 11 of the 19 council members to vote yes to pass.

Mayor Lenny Curry announced on Wednesday that he is submitting this legislation, which he calls Jobs for Jax, because it aims to create more than 7,600 new jobs.

Today, I plan to submit my Jobs for Jax legislation to the city council to invest in our community and fulfill decades of promises to our citizens. My team is currently meeting with the council and will continue to work with them on this important issue over the coming weeks.

– Lenny Curry (@lennycurry) April 21, 2021

The total number of requests to the city council under this proposal is $ 379 million.

So far, two council members have said they are against this proposal.

For a closer look at all 72 projects, you can read UNF’s full study, which includes locations, estimated costs, and the number of jobs expected to be created below.

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