The two new fit20 studios in Jacksonville offer short, intense workouts

Fit20 offers short, intensive training units only by appointment

Stronger and fit in a 20 minute session once a week? Not only is it possible – it’s available now at two fit20 studios in Jacksonville.

Fit20 is a unique training approach that was first introduced in the Netherlands and imported to the USA in 2018. The quick, easy workout format provides a safe, results-oriented option for those looking for a highly effective workout alternative to a traditional gym.

“The studios are air-conditioned so you don’t need sportswear or a shower and you leave the studio to go to your next appointment,” said Cathy Battreall, regional director of fit20. ā€œA certified trainer is with you for the 20 minutes that you are in the studio to ensure a safe and effective training experience. The full-body training consists of six specialized, state-of-the-art devices designed to increase strength and vitality. “

Battreall, a local entrepreneur who also owns a freight company and fulfillment center, first found out about fit20 from a friend who brought one of the first fit20 studios to the US

“When I tried it, my business acumen told me it would be a success here based on its appeal to a large audience and the company’s record growth,” she said. “I also wanted access to it from a selfish point of view.”

In each session, a Fit20 personal trainer accompanies the member during the six-machine course.  Cathy Battreall (left) is a trainer.  Her current coaches include Conner Battreall, Zac Etrick and Merry Kaminski (not pictured).  Trainers will receive four months of online classroom tuition plus one week of face-to-face tuition from the company's global master trainer.

Fortunately, the structure of the Battreall program made it easy to open, even during the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

“Appointments are required and only two members are in the studio at a time,” she said. “Our trainers wear a mask, we measure the temperature of the customers when they arrive and can place customers at a safe distance from each other.”

Surveys show that people practice sports to improve their physical fitness, increase energy, increase strength, change their body shape, and lose weight. Some achieve their goals with lifestyle changes such as: B. dieting, exercising, or engaging in strenuous activity by regularly running, running, cycling, or swimming.

People find it difficult to invest the time, effort, and money to achieve results that can take many months and even years to achieve. Fit20 uses science to create a program that eliminates most of the excuses people have for not making the effort.

“Fit20 is really fit in 20 minutes,” said Battreall. ā€œSince you have an appointment, don’t wait for exercise equipment to become available. And because of the nature of the exercises, you don’t need to wear sportswear when you arrive or when you shower before you leave. And it’s once a week. “

Trainers play a vital role in the success of the program. The trainer creates the safest and most effective workout by maintaining the right rhythm, technique and timing for each machine. They motivate and encourage throughout the circuit and record each session so members can see their progress on paper as well as in their physical improvements.

Battreall herself is a trained pharmacist and believes that fit20 has enabled her to combine her business skills with her first calling to enter a healthcare sector.

The principles underlying fit20 are not new and are based on what doctors and scientists have learned about how the body works. Fit20 simply requires a short but high intensity muscle contraction. Forcing fatigue activates the muscles below, and further movement begins to strengthen the muscles below.

The machines themselves are state-of-the-art Nautilus products. Each is specifically designed for a different body part, so members receive a full-body workout with each visit.

The program is safe and effective for all ages. In Battrealls Studios the age is between 18 and 80 years.

“As we get older and experience a loss of strength and often a loss of balance, we can take steps to prevent it,” Battreall said. “It’s never too early to prevent these losses – even in your thirties and forties.”

Fit20 offers a free introductory version. Opening specials are available for a limited time. Visit fit20 Jax Beach at 320 First St. N., No. 603 or visit The Tapestry Park Studio is located at 9823 Tapestry Park Circle # 15 in Jacksonville and on the web at

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