The @UnmaskJax Instagram account sheds light on Jacksonville businesses that don’t need masks

The @UnmaskJax account was launched last Friday and has more than 400 followers.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A new Instagram account is creating a list of local businesses that do not require the use of masks in light of Jacksonville’s mask mandate lift.

The @UnmaskJax account was launched last Friday and has more than 400 followers. It bills itself as a “place to find places where customers don’t have to wear a mask,” and encourages followers to collect and tag companies they have no restrictions on.

The account also works for people who still want to wear masks and say the account will help them figure out which businesses shouldn’t be supported. However, the moderator of the account has warned that people comment on things like, “These are the companies I won”. t go to “gets blocked quickly.

“The mandate has been canceled,” the report wrote. “Get over it and get on with your life.”

Keep this in mind to find places you can never go even after it’s over.

– Kristina Klausser (@kklausser) March 30, 2021

It’s worth noting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to recommend people wear masks – whether or not they’ve been vaccinated – to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

So far, more than a dozen different companies have been brought into the spotlight by the Instagram account. It is not clear whether all of the account’s contributions are correct.

For example, Freshfield Farms will appear in the account as recommended masks, not required, but the business lists “masks required” in your Google profile.

Companies like Jacksonville’s Flip Flop Shops in St. Johns Town Center are loud and proud of the fact that they no longer need masks.

“MASK NOT REQUIRED,” said a sign on the door, quoting the mandate that was canceled. “YOU can wear a mask if you want. It’s YOUR choice. #Freedom #Liberty.”

The @UnmaskJax account was created the same day Mayor Lenny Curry announced that he would be letting the city’s mask mandate expire. By then, the mandate had been in force for nine months. Local businesses are still able to enforce their own mask policies, but an order from the Florida government, Ron DeSantis, does not allow local governments to associate the policies with fines or penalties.

As noted by News4Jax, some companies relied on the citywide Mask Ordinance as a guideline to refer to when customers were reluctant to meet their mask requirements.

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The Times Union has asked @UnmaskJax for a comment. The person who runs the site did not want to be identified publicly and declined to comment, adding that they “do not intend to be disrespectful to someone who chooses to still wear a mask”.

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