Trevor Lawrence thanks Jaguar fans for their early support to donate $ 20,000 to charities in Jacksonville

If there was still any doubt about the plans for the number 1 overall selection Jaguars, they were apparently wiped out on Sunday, 11 days before the 2021 draft of the NFL began. Former Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the # 1 consensus, thanked Jaguars fans for their early support on social media and also said he and his wife would give $ 20,000 to Jacksonville charities.

In the message, Lawrence also alluded to starting his NFL career with the Jaguars, who will have Urban Meyer as their first year head coach. Meyer himself admitted the Jaguars were heading towards Lawrence during an interview with NBC Sports Peter King late last month.

“Thank you Jaguar fans,” Lawrence wrote on Twitter. “We appreciate the wedding favors and donations to charities of our choice! In addition to the donations, Marissa and I will donate $ 20,000 to charities in Jacksonville. Thank you again, we hope to be part of your community soon.”

The 6-6, 220-pound Lawrence is the top-ranked player on the NFL draft on the CBS Sports Prospect leaderboard. Lawrence, a 2018 national champion, posted a total of 108 touchdowns with the Tigers in three years. In addition to creating gaudy stats, Lawrence won over 94% of his starts at Clemson, a statistic that Meyer – a three-time national coach in college – clearly appreciates.

“Trevor is checking all the boxes, you know?” Meyer said of Lawrence. “The number one common quality of any great player, not just a quarterback, is a competitive lunatic. He’s 34-2. He’s won a national title as a true freshman – is a winner. I’ve seen him up close and started personally. ” And then character. I see him and I see with my players when the guys get pulled up, a lot of people get … they have influences in their lives.

“For example, whether it’s social media, whether it’s other things that really aren’t part of winning. Which I’m really happy and I don’t want to say surprised, but he, his agent, his family, them I do becoming the best version of yourself for the National Football League, which is a little refreshing. “

Lawrence sits on a talented quarterback class that includes BYU’s Zach Wilson, Trevor Lawrence from Ohio State, Trey Lance from North Dakota State, and Mac Jones from Alabama. Wilson is expected to be nabbed by the number 2 jets overall. The 49ers are expected to pick either Fields or Jones with the third overall pick. Lance can go to the highest bidder when he is on the board when the number 4 hawk of the grand picks is on the clock. Teams that could attempt to get into the No. 4 selection include the Panthers and Broncos, who currently hold the No. 8 and No. 9 overall selections, respectively.

While Wilson, Fields, Jones, and Lance could land in different locations, it seems far from certain that Lawrence will be putting on a Jaguar cap on April 29th. Lawrence will likely lead a large Jaguar design class as Jacksonville currently holds 10 picks in the upcoming draft. And while Meyer won’t take a former Horse Chestnut (Fields) with the No. 1 pick, CBS Sports recently traced Tyler Sullivan Meyer back to the former Ohio State with the 106th overall pick, trailing Trey Sermon. Lawrence watched Sermon rumble 254 all-purpose yards in the Buckeyes to defeat Clemson in this year’s Sugar Bowl.

“Unbacked James Robinson was one of the best finds of the 2020 season, but the Jacksonville brass was open in its desire to add even more talent to that area of ​​the roster this off-season,” wrote Sullivan. “Sermon gives the team a back that has averaged more than 7 yards per touch for the past two seasons and is the size of an NFL back. It was a bit inconsistent in college but dominated the playoffs against Clemson last year. When he can carry this postseason game into the pros, this is exactly the backcourt that the Jags are putting together. ”

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