US Congressman has concerns about Jacksonville apartments

The city says the apartments are federal and state funded and that Al Lawson should be the one taking action, not the city.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville apartment complex is at the center of controversy after a US Congressman alleged its residents are living in dire conditions.

It came after U.S. Senator Marco Rubio urged the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to fix issues in two Jacksonville apartments.

Now, after being briefed on the conditions at the Hilltop Village Apartments, US MP Al Lawson has sent a letter asking Mayor Lenny Curry to take action on the Hilltop Village Apartments.

Lawson says the people living there are dealing with rodent and roach infestations, live mold spores, and exposed trash.

“It is unacceptable that young mothers who live in the units and work to raise healthy children are forced to put their food in airtight containers so that pathogenic rodents cannot interfere with their child’s development,” Lawson said in a press release . “I urge the City of Jacksonville to move these vulnerable residents to safe and clean temporary housing …”

Curry’s office refuses to provide a statement in response to the letter because they provide inaccurate information.

They say the apartments are federal and state funded and that Lawson should be the one taking action, not the city.

According to Lawson, the latest local Code Enforcement report shows several violations including insect infestation, broken smoke alarms, broken sinks, toilets and containers that need to be replaced.

According to the City of Jacksonville, only four complaints have been received about this property in the past seven months, none of which would have revealed any of these major issues.

The city says when it received reports of these conditions, staff knocked on 166 doors with the following results:

  • 91 no answer at the door
  • 58 units listed for various minimum housing issues – they have 30 days to fix these issues or to impose fines
  • 13 units refused entry
  • Three called to schedule an inspection
  • One unit was not injured

The City of Jacksonville encourages renters to report problems to the city so we can act. You should call 630-CITY.

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