“Very Unlikely”: Jacksonville Perfume Manufacturing facility denies being the supply of Murray Hill odor

The fragrance factory, which is the target of neighborhood complaints and a new lawsuit, says it “cannot be responsible for the odor complaints at Murray Hill.”

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A fragrance factory on Jacksonville’s Westside rejected the idea that this is the source of the numerous odor complaints experienced by residents of the Murray Hill area.

A December letter received from First Coast News was sent on behalf of International Flavors and Fragrances, a Lane Avenue factory, cited late last year by the Jacksonville City Environmental Quality Department for odor violations.

IFF (also known as IFF Chemical Holdings) was also sued last week by three townspeople who said “hideous, disgusting” smells emanating from the facility destroyed their quality of life.

In the letter, attorney Stacy Watson May said the factory “could not be responsible for the odor complaints in the EU as the IFF is complying with its government-issued Title V air permit – the type required for major air pollution sources.” Murray Hill neighborhood. “(The company declined requests for comment.)

May said the company’s “sensor technology and personal reviews are yet to identify a link between odor complaints in the Murray Hill neighborhood and the IFF facility,” and that IFF is “just one of several manufacturing facilities in the area.”

May also argued that the fact that the company is in constant production is inconsistent with the intermittent odor complaints experienced by Murray Hill residents.

First Coast News has been following that story since last year when people continued to report a noxious chemical smell from Riverside to Ortega.

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In the December letter, May argues that IFF has been operating in Jacksonville for many years and only recently did several Murray Hill residents report unpleasant odors in their homes.

“IFF’s business has not changed recently, and we have no evidence that the IFF facility is the cause of the smells in Murray Hill,” May writes. “Additionally, the Murray Hill neighborhood is approximately three miles removed, making it highly unlikely that a smell of IFF could be responsible for the discomfort there. “

She added, “IFF will fully cooperate with the city’s investigation and we trust the city will work to identify the real source of the offensive odor …”


1872Holland & Knight LLP | www.hklaw.com (904) 798-7321 [email protected] December 30, 2020 By email: [email protected] Jacksonville City Environmental Quality Department 214 N. Hogan St., 5th Floor Jacksonville, FL 32202 Dear Tree: This is in response to City Quote AP-20-05 regarding the Odor that was received by IFF Chemical Holdings, Inc. (“IFF”) on December 15, 2020.

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The reported odor is the root of a new lawsuit that stalled this week due to language issues.

The lawsuit was dropped by the judge just hours after it was filed. Lawyers plan to refine it this week.

The city is taking enforcement action against IFF, according to County Councilor Randy Defoor’s office, but it’s still unclear whether the smell is entirely from their facility.

Anyone who smells the smell is encouraged to file a complaint with the city and the EPA and email the Murray Hill Preservation Association at [email protected]

Submit a complaint to the city here.

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