Walmart applies for approval for two more Jacksonville clinics Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

Walmart plans to build two more clinics in Jacksonville in addition to the first two in West Jacksonville and one in Middleburg.

The city is reviewing the February 15 permit applications for the retailer to add the clinics to its supercentres at 11900 Atlantic Blvd. and 4250 Philips Highway.

Each of them has an estimated construction cost of $ 350,000 for the 6,510 square foot additions. These costs can change as contractors bid for the projects.

In October, Walmart submitted plans to the city for approval to build the first two Jacksonville health clinics at a base price of $ 900,000 each. These clinics are extensions of the Walmart Supercenters at 7075 Collins Road and Normandy Blvd. 6830. in West Jacksonville.

The expansions are nearly 6,500 square feet in the Collins store and 7,600 square feet in Normandy. No contractor is specified for these clinics.

Walmart announced in a blog post on September 17 that it would build seven Walmart Health Centers in Jacksonville, with the first opening scheduled for early 2021.

The global retailer announced on July 22nd that it would enter the Florida market with clinics in Jacksonville. The blog post also said it could add locations in Orlando and Tampa.

Walmart opened its first center in September 2019 in Dallas, Georgia. features 20 health centers in Georgia, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Walmart Health provides primary care, emergency care, dentistry, laboratory, imaging, counseling, optics and hearing services.

A Walmart blog post on July 22nd said Walmart Health will provide “high quality, affordable and accessible” care to patients with or without health insurance.

Doctors who work at the Walmart Health Centers are not employed by Walmart but are part of a professional unit that practices at Walmart Health, the website says.

Walmart Health Center will also offer community health resources, online training courses, and in-person workshops that focus on health care and wellness, the blog post said.

Walmart had previously submitted plans for three clinics in northeast Florida with the city and the St. Johns River Water Management District.

In addition to the two Jacksonville projects, plans have been submitted for a 6,500 square foot clinic in the Walmart at 1580 Branan Field Road in Middleburg.

Walmart didn’t say where the other clinics would be in Jacksonville, but they will be built alongside existing supercentres.

There are 18 Walmart Supercenters in Duval, Nassau, Clay, and St. Johns counties.

Wal-Mart Stores east of Bentonville, Arkansas, is the developer.

The blog post said Walmart will be working with BLOX, a healthcare construction company, to build the centers.

Alabama-based BLOX designs, builds, and installs smaller modules such as operating theaters, exam rooms, and bathrooms, as well as larger projects including outpatient and acute care facilities and freestanding emergency rooms.

Jacksonville-based Haskell, a global architecture, engineering, construction and consulting firm, announced in August 2019 that it would invest in the company.

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