What are your ideas for the former Jacksonville airfield?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. If you have ideas on what to do with the green spaces that once housed Jacksonville Landing, a design firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts wants to hear from you.

Agency Landscape + Planning is one of three companies competing for the location in the city center.

The company is soliciting ideas from the public about what to do with the land overlooking the St. Johns River, which the Landing stood on for more than 30 years before the outdoor mall was demolished in 2019.

On Thursday night, News4Jax spoke to people who had gathered on the lawn for the second show in the Jax River Jams concert series to find out what they thought should happen to the green spaces.

There were mixed ideas about what should go in the vacancy.


“If it’s just a simple lawn, we need something like that to bring people here, but if we have grocery vendors and an aquarium or a water park, we already have the river, but only things that connect the nature park with entertainment, bring it all together, ”said Evan Metz from Jacksonville.

“I think they have to use the river in terms of boat docks and allow people with boats to come up. And with mixed use, the first floor would be entertainment and a restaurant that people could be drawn into, but beyond that it would be apartment buildings, ”said Tim Horvath, a Jacksonville resident.

“I think they should build a bigger stage so they can have more concerts and gigs out here,” said Anderson Brown, a Jacksonville resident.

“I think it would be perfect if you left it without the shops and just did the live bands, festivals and crafts,” said Stephanie Opachieck of Jacksonville.


If you have ideas about what should happen on the former landing site, call the Landscape + Planning agency at 904-539-3826 or send an SMS.

When you call, you will receive a recorded message asking you to “tell us in a few sentences your greatest hopes and dreams about this important place in your city” and “tell us about the experiences you could wish for on the riverside”.

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