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What Is Zen Shiatsu Massage

Oct 29

What Is Zen Shiatsu?

Ever heard of Zen Shiatsu?  If you’re not familiar with it, there is a certain amount of mystery behind this gentle form of therapeutic massage. 

It’s thought to work wonders, improving circulation and flexibility while bringing about peace and quiet to the recipient. The treatment is ancient and rare in the West, but thousands use it regularly in Japan where it was invented. 

Zen Shiatsu is equal parts science and philosophy. The technique combines traditional Chinese medicinal practices, modern massage therapy, and Eastern holistic healing philosophies to provide clients with a revitalizing feeling and experience when they’re on the massage table.

How Does It Make You Feel?

When you come in for a Zen Shiatsu massage at Overlook Massage Therapy you are going for a deeper more restorative level of physical and mental relaxation than typical massages provide. 

What does this mean? It means that you can expect an hour-long presentation of soft flowing movements on your body with powerful holding points along the way that are aimed at balancing the muscles and tendons around your joints as well as your internal structure and marrow. 

It’s also designed to treat more than just your physical ills. By getting rid of stress and relaxing the body, it can help a patient get their emotional and mental health back on track as well. 

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Benefits of Zen Shiatsu

Have you ever tried a massage from an expert? These experts are highly trained in their field and can help to relax your muscles. They can even work on problem areas and have the ability to fix chronic problems such as back pain and achy shoulders. 

1.Tames Chronic Pain

If you have been unable to get rid of these issues, using a massage can help to get rid of them. Zen Shiatsu massage is a great way to relax or for those who suffer from chronic pain. Pain doesn’t have to come with getting a massage. 

2.Removes Stress 

The slow movements used in Zen Shiatsu make you feel as if you are lying on a cloud where all the stress and pain just melts away from your body and into the floor. 

3.Improves Overall Health 

It is also well known for its effects on general health improvement such as improving the immune system, elevate mood and boost energy levels. 

4.Brings Positive Energy 

ZEN SHIATSU for maintaining your mind and body balance. If you find yourself in a stressful situation. There is a cure that helps to bring back the harmony within you. An only an hour session of ZEN Shiatsu brings positive energy.

5.Good for Relaxation 

Most of us lead stressful lives. We rush from one place to another, planning as we go. Stress, worry, and pressure can take a toll on our minds and bodies. Relaxation is the key. 

When the body is relaxed, so is the mind. There are many options for relaxation; however, Shiatsu comes highly recommended by many massage therapists as the relaxation technique that is just right for most people.

Bottom Line 

Zen Shiatsu massage Bournemouth is a very rewarding experience for individuals because it brings a lot of health benefits. 

It is not only effective for many health issues, but it also promotes wellbeing and brings about a calmer and healthier state of mind. Book yourself a Zen Shiatsu massage session today!