When might most people in Jacksonville have entry to vaccines?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dr. Duval County’s chief health officer Pauline Rolle told News4Jax that a shipment of COVID-19 vaccines should arrive on Tuesday and that Jacksonville firefighters should get their vaccinations on Wednesday.

In return, Jacksonville Fire Department workers who are also being vaccinated help vaccinate others in the community. Rolle afterward said the next group would be essential staff.

“There are many key workers in the city who don’t have access to local hospitals, so we’re going to help get these people vaccinated,” she said.

News4Jax asked Rolle when the public might have access to the shot.

“The general population is expected to be vaccinated in February, March or spring. That will depend on the availability of the vaccine, “said Rolle. “We were told not to hold onto the vaccine, move it into different groups and get people vaccinated.”

Rolle continued: “For those 75 years and older, we aim to establish vaccination clinics. This information will be made public as soon as these clinics are established in the community. What we want Clinics in the community where people are so they don’t all have to come to the central part of the city to get vaccinated. “

On Monday, many people were tested for the virus at the Regency testing site before Christmas. Nicole Tribune and her son stood in line. She works at a school and said another adult there recently tested positive.

As someone who works in a school, she would be someone eligible to be vaccinated soon.

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“I will probably do that,” said Tribune. “I’m a little nervous, but I’d rather be safe than embarrassed, especially with my kids.”

But there are some people who are adamant about not getting the vaccine. Lisa Depasquale visited Jacksonville from New York to see her mother.

“I’m Anti-Vax,” she said. “This vaccine hasn’t been tested long enough.”

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