Which meals vehicles in Jacksonville are open regardless of the coronavirus?

The city of Jacksonville allows food trucks to continue.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Kendrick Hundley sees it as his calling – after two decades with Florida’s corrections department, he’s cooking a second career as the owner of the Big Grocery Express Food Truck.

“I don’t mind offering them my services. People have to eat and I will definitely feed them,” said Hundley.

He’s relatively new to the scene after starting business last July. His toughest test so far is overcoming COVID-19.

Hundley is open on Roosevelt Boulevard, but it’s not been as usual for the past few weeks.

“Instead of spending my two hours a day, I’m probably sitting out here for seven to ten hours to cover the costs,” he told First Coast News.

Many of the customers he is used to now have to work from home or companies don’t allow food trucks on their property. It typically feeds around 40 people a day during a two hour lunch break.

“It’s usually three to four hundred cars and it was only ten or 15 cars and I sat there for hours and no one came out to eat. So I decided to go back to Roosevelt,” he said.

The city of Jacksonville allows food trucks to continue operating, and Hundley hopes it will continue to do so. He can also stock up on supplies from the restaurant depot.

For Hundley and his one employee, riding in their food truck is the only option.

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