Yannick Ngakoue does not do a Professional Bowl; Jacksonville Jaguars Conditional Draft Choose Affected

Yannick Ngakoue failed to make the 2021 NFL Pro Bowl. This doesn’t seem to matter anymore to fans of Jacksonville Jaguars … unless it was.

When Ngakoue was sold to the Minnesota Vikings this off-season – after a month-long public argument – the Jags received an NFL draft selection for the second round in 2021 and a conditional selection for the fifth round in 2022.

The condition for the 2022 selection was that the fifth round selection became a fourth round selection if Ngakoue made the Pro Bowl for the 2021 season. It also became a third round election, when Ngakoue made the Pro Bowl and the Vikings won the Super Bowl.

After just five games, the Vikings swapped Ngakoue for the Baltimore Ravens, where he was reunited with the former Jaguar Calais Campbell. During the game in Week 15 last Sunday, Ngakoue had three tackles and two sacks, as well as a quarterback rush against his former team. He also forced fumbling.

The Vikings who traded Ngakoue for the Ravens didn’t change the terms of the original trade, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who reported in October that the contract didn’t make the conditional details team-specific.

An enterprising Jaguar fan on Reddit not only read the fine print of the trade, but saw the opportunity to vote Ngakoue to the Pro Bowl for Jacksonville to get a better draft in 2022. The votes of the fans count as 1/3 of the final record of players placed on a Pro Bowl list.

So the Reddit user started encouraging Jags fans to fill the ballot box for Ngakoue (fans have an unlimited number of votes). The fan then went a step further, recruiting fans from the Vikings’ NFC North rivals, the Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions. They went a step further and also posted the Crusade on a Reddit page for New Orleans Saints fans in hopes that fans of the team the Vikings were eliminated from playoffs in the past two years would be interested in it would have to help.

The original post reads: “Jags fan seeks your help in freaking out the Vikings by voting Ngakoue for the Pro Bowl. If Ngakoue does the Pro Bowl, the fifth the Vikings gave us jumps to a fourth (and possibly a third if he does the Pro Bowl and the Ravens win the Super Bowl, but that’s a much longer shot) . “

According to the Washington Post, one Viking fan responded with respect, “Viking fan here. I don’t support that but respect that level of pettiness wholeheartedly lol. “

As this year’s Pro Bowl will be virtual due to COVID-19, there is no alternative choice, meaning there is no room for late entry.

Ngakoue has made a Pro Bowl in his career and earned it after running the Jaguars AFC Championship in 2017. Between his five games for the Vikings and seven games with the Ravens, Ngakoue has 22 tackles, eight sacks, four forced fumbling and one pass separation this season.

No Jacksonville Jaguars were elected to the Pro Bowl that season.

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